Start e-faxing today!


What is Fax to Email?

Fax to Email is the smart way to receive faxes by directing faxes to your company or home email inbox. You are allocated a free Fax2Email number, without the need for a fixed line. With Fax to Email you can receive simultaneous faxes, because your Fax2Email is never engaged, so faxes won't get lost. Best of all, it’s free - the sender pays the cost of the fax.

We also offer the ability to send faxes from your email, read about Email to Fax here.

  • 1. Register

    Sign up and give out your new e-fax number.
  • 2. Get faxed

    Faxes sent to your new number get digitized on our server.
  • 3. Get email

    A digital fax (PDF) is sent to your email inbox.
  • Why do you need a Fax to Email number?

    • Your Fax2Mail number is FREE.
    • Give your business a national and more professional image with your free 086 Fax Number.
    • Replace your traditional fax line and save on telco costs.
    • Save on printing cost! You don't have to print those unwanted faxes!
    • Improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your business by registering a separate Fax2Mail number for each department in your business.
    • No more paper jams or calls to customers asking them to re-fax that important document.
    • Your Fax2Mail number is available 24/7.
    • Receive your faxes wherever you have access to your email.

    FREE Fax to email - connecting you with the world.

    • Convenience – Receive Faxes anywhere, anytime wherever you have access to your email.
    • Mobility – Fax2Email is the solution for all professionals and sales staff on the road.
    • Easy To Use – No software to install, no fixed line needed, just a valid email address!
    • Compatibility – Choosing FaxMe will meet all your present and future fax needs. FaxMe is compatible with all operating systems.
    • Confidential – Fax2Email is the most confidential and secure way to receive your faxes. Register a new Fax2Email number for all your private and personal faxes.
    • Cost affective – Save on paper, toner, and fixed line rental. No need to upgrade your fax machine. Simply print faxes on standard printers.