Frequently Asked Questions


How much will the sender pay?

Just like traditional faxing, the person sending the fax pays for the cost of sending the fax. Telecoms charge the sender a per minute rate to send a fax to a Fax2Email number. There is no cost involved for you (the receiver).

What impact will Fax2Email have on my bandwidth?

All faxes sent to your Fax2Email number are converted to a PDF file and emailed to you as an attachment. These PDF files are relatively small and the size of the PDF file will vary from fax to fax, depending on the number of pages. The average fax will measure about 30KB and this will hardly affect your bandwidth or monthly ADSL usage.

To put it into perspective; one high quality picture, JPEG file, will measure about 1.5MB and this is equal to about 50 faxes. The average Fax2Email user receives about 10 faxes a month.

CLICK HERE to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Does my computer have to be turned on to receive faxes?

No, as with standard emails, your incoming faxes are stored on your Internet Service Providers server until you have downloaded your email. With your Fax2Email number you will never lose a fax again.

Even during load shedding or power cuts in your area, you will still receive all your faxes as soon as you download your email. Receiving faxes on your own private Fax2Email number is the smart way to receive your faxes. Simply complete the registration form and get your own Fax2Email number today.

Who do I call for support with my Fax2Email service?

During Office Hours: Call +27 86 111 3048
Office Fax Number: Fax +27 86 725 6000
Email Address:

How Do I Register for FaxMe?

If you need help with the registration or activation, please send an email to and a consultant will contact you for more info.

*You will be allocated your personal FaxMe number at no cost. The person (the sender) who sends a fax to your number (the receiver) will be charged. There are no costs for you to receive a fax i.e. sender pays, you receive for free.

Can we get Multiple Fax2Email Numbers Per Company?

Yes! Streamline your incoming faxes and register a separate Fax2Email number for each department in your company. Sales, Creditors, Procurement, Human Resources, Accounts, and the list go on.

Directing your incoming faxes direct to the person dealing with the fax, not only streamlines the workflow in your business it also increases the productivity of your staff and improves your customer service. We are all too familiar with this reply from a sales clerk: "...sorry but I can't seem to find your order, please re-fax it to me." With Fax2Email this should never happen.

To register multiple Fax2Email numbers for your company, simply send an email to and we will do a bulk registration, thus ensuring that your Fax2Email numbers are within a consecutive number range. You can also complete the SME's/Corporate Bulk Registration form on our website and a consultant will contact you.

Who Can Read My Faxes?

The biggest security concern for new Fax2Email users is; who can read my faxes? The answer is simple. Whoever have access to your emails on your personal computer will have access to your faxes. Faxes are received by our fax servers and converted to PDF files and then forwarded to your email address. This process is automated and there is no human intervention. We process more than a million faxes per month and it is almost impossible to have human intervention in this process.

The biggest security risk lies with the end user. If more than one person can access or read your emails, then those are the only people that will be able to read your faxes. However receiving a fax on your traditional fax machine provides no security at all, unless your fax machine is locked up in a secure room.

Most professionals register a separate private Fax2Email number for all their private and personal faxes. Simply complete the registration form and get your private Fax2Email number today.

Will my email address/addresses be given or sold to a third party?

No, under no circumstances will any of our clients email addresses or details be made available to a third party.

What are the Benefits of Fax2Email?

No fixed fax lines required


Fax2Email is a virtual product and works best for those users with a permanent internet connection, either through ADSL or Wireless. Most small businesses receive less than fifty faxes a month, effectively making a fixed line cost an unnecessary overhead to your business.

Save on Paper and Toner

Not only is Fax2Email Free but you will also save and reduce your overall printing costs. With Fax2Email you only print the document or pages that you need to print.

More companies are moving towards a paperless environment and avoid printing unnecessary documents and faxes. Fax2Email, e-filing and e-billing supports the save a tree campaign.

Did you know that it takes an average of 24 trees to produce a ton of printing paper? And every year we fill enough garbage trucks to form a line that would stretch from the earth halfway to the moon?

Despite alarmist statements such as these, more than a decade after the internet became mainstream many of the key benefits of the digital age still hold huge amounts of untapped potential. Get your Free Fax2Email number now and start saving our resources.

You may never drive paper out of your life, but you can certainly reduce it, and maybe save a tree or two...

So for the sake of business efficiency and support of a social and green cause, it makes sense to join a the new fax revolution.